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Alternatives to Paypal for Freelancers


Bloggers and other freelancers use Paypal to receive payments for their products and services. While the platform is generally excellent in offering great monetary transactions, it is just as important to take note of its cons that can impose limits in online payments processes. If there was a way to reduce your hassle and time in making transactions, would you still stick with using Paypal?

Why Freelancers Turn to Paypal Alternatives

Are you experiencing several issues in using Paypal? As per thousands of freelancers worldwide, the platform’s uncertain behavior and processes lead users to find better alternatives. The transaction charges are usually higher and continue to increase over time. It’s hard to ignore this kind of disadvantage as you continue to thrive in the digital world.

Payment methods don’t have to be stressful, as long as you’re on the right platform. Many professionals and owners of small businesses in the e-commerce industry rely on bank transfers and payment services that can improve transactions for monthly fees or salaries and maximize the salary revenue without being bombarded with heavy transaction fees, unreasonable conversion rates, and exchange rates.

Best Paypal Alternatives

Found below is a list of a couple of the best Paypal alternatives that can guarantee hassle-free payment processing fee outlets for all freelancers in their daily hustle.


Online service providers such as virtual assistants, copywriters, bloggers, and other types of freelance or online businesses can use Payoneer as a tool in receiving and paying money overseas. One of its most impressive factors includes being available in most countries, even in India and Pakistan. Through a Payoneer account,  European and USD currency conversions can be easily accepted.

Moreover, transaction fees for Payoneer are surprisingly lower even though there is more money to retrieve. That is a huge benefit for SEO, Upwork, WordPress, and other flexible online careers who mostly work with clients abroad. Payoneer is a mobile app that you can quickly download and sign up for free. Plus, a user gets a bonus of $25 right after initiating a transaction worth $100. This method is for bank transfers and does not allow credit card payments.


Skrill is a type of payment method that is formerly known as Moneybookers. Its prime offers are evident in its best currency conversion rates. Accomplished in over 200 countries, Skrill can process multiple international money transfer transactions with no complex process. You may want to switch to Skrill if you have been looking for a wire transfer tool that is flexible enough with its offers and events.

You can use Skrill to upload funds in whichever payment method, including Mastercard, Visa, local banks, and many others. Although the verification process in Skrill is quite tougher than most payment options, its service is very much worth the work.


Apparently, there are Paypal accounts from different parts of the world that have been restricted. Most of these accounts originated from India. Freelancers from the said country needed to find another payment processor, payment gateway, or payment solution to sustain their monthly fee transactions. And from such a dilemma, Xoom saved the day.

Xoom can receive the same funds from Paypal without reducing the money you receive. The mobile app is available across 38 countries, offering great money transfer services and customer support anytime, anywhere. If card payments are not always the answer to the sudden loss of online payment tools, you know there’s the Xoom mobile app that you can rely on.


Similar to Skrill, Payza was first introduced as an Alertpay site. Payza today contains identical features with Paypal. It facilitates online transactions for freelancers, business owners, and entrepreneurs for money transfers, payments, or salaries. Just like a Paypal account, you can access Payza by setting up a free personal or business account. It usually depends on your needs, but regardless, Payza works perfectly for almost all users.

Payza sets the bar of being one of the processing fee platforms that lets you send money across the world for free — and in less than a minute. Money transfers and online payments are accepted from over 190 countries where Payza is available.


Making sure that freelancers or business owners meet halfway with their clients or customers is the goal of every payment platform. It just so happens that Stripe is known to be the top choice for such a service. Stripe is hailed as one of the best PayPal alternatives, thanks to its flexible deals and multiple payment and checkout options, including Visa, JCB, Mastercard, and American express.

The most excellent feature of Stripe is its guarantee of over 100 currency conversions. For you to successfully receive payments, the freelancing transactions must be based in Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Australia, United States, Canada, Ireland, and the UK. Each transaction gives the platform a total of 2.90% to 0.30% in commission, which is cheaper than PayPal. Furthermore, Stripe is a mobile app that can easily be downloaded on any Android or Apple cellular phone. Take note that Stripe can get quite strict if there are any disputes so it is important to mitigate any risk of fraud on your account.  Also, their currency conversion rates are best suited if you are processing under 10k/month.  Anything above, you are best to get a dedicated merchant account and trade currencies through a broker.

Transferwise (now Wise)

Did you know that your clients can send their fees in your local currency conversion directly? Transferwise is a smart e-commerce platform that processes money transfers to your official personal bank account. In short, you don’t need to scratch your head about poor conversions as all your transactions will be considered as a local transfer. The clients will be the ones to pay the processing fee in transferring the payment.

While Transferwise is a surplus choice in the line-up of Paypal alternatives for freelancers, it also has lower transfer fees compared to other direct wire transfer or payment services. Transferwise uses the exchange rate of XE and Google.

However, it also has its cons. Enormous or small business payments are not accepted in some countries. It would be best to check your country page before acquiring a business payment status and pricing. Transferwise also doesn’t have an invoicing feature so you will need another solution to keep track of your account receivables.


Also highly considered as one of the best Paypal alternatives for freelancers, Square is packed with a card reader that works perfectly for Android smartphones, iPad, iPhones, and other Apple devices. One of the perks of Square is that it can be created for any online store by customers. Promoting zero hassle payment processing, the Square card reader supports Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and similar options.

Square is a kind of payment system that initiates plugins and accepts payments even from the 2015 Apple pay. Payment services come in various offers, but the key to having a distinct service is unique and functional features that prioritize payment solutions much better than most debit card, credit card, atm, and invoice transactions. Also, this helps you avoid certain chargeback circumstances. Square has higher international fees so it is best suited for local transactions.

Amazon Payments

Amazon, the most popular online store website, launched Amazon Payments, which was made possible in order to be a single platform gateway designed specifically for customers, businesses, and developers. The site has a purchasing store that has been simplified according to which payment procedure is available on the site.

Aside from these relative aspects, Amazon Payments assists consumers in paying or receiving money and comes with other features that can improve a user’s experience. The Amazon facility is restricted to non-US residents. Amazon Payments (API) is a payment solution that brings no hassle when it comes to sending and receiving money.


It is without a doubt that cryptocurrencies are one of the biggest influences of digital financing. Bitcoin is known as the biggest and famous cryptocurrency in the realm of online trading. However, it is also a platform where users can receive and send money across regions even without a money transfer operator or bank to successfully process the transaction.

Bitcoin is quite familiar to many business enthusiasts, and if your client agrees to use it for your freelancing payment system, then they can just transfer the crypto into your Bitcoin wallet of your choice. After the transfer, you may proceed with currency conversion and refer the amount to your local currency. The money is now ready for online store payments, such as on Shopify, and other courses of payment solutions.


The 2Checkout payment solution is at your service for all your needs when it comes to processing online transactions. Many freelancing professionals gave positive remarks for this tool as it surpassed Paypal in so many aspects. Charging a one-time fee, 2Checkout has an initial fee for signing up.

It also imposes a commission fee worth 5.5% for every transaction, together with a $0.45 USD fee. Although 2Checkout has more fees compared to other payment methods, it has a great money transfer service fit for almost any transaction. Its a flexible solution for emerging markets.

Google Pay or Wallet

You can manage your online transactions either for sending or receiving money through Google Pay or Google Wallet. It will serve as your digital wallet that is helpful in storing loyalty cards, credit cards, and debit cards. From there, you can wire transfer your money using your Gmail address or phone number to your friends or family members.


Dwolla and QuickBooks are also available for your online transaction needs. Credit cards are the quickest and preferred way to pay by most customers.  If you’re scaling your freelance business and getting close to 10k or above, getting your own merchant account will save you fees compared to popular options like Stripe or PayPal.  Also, you can avoid costly exchange fees by charging in various currencies.  Contact DirectPayNet for your merchant account, save money add currencies and maximize your profit from freelance work.

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