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Is Copywriting Still King? How to Become an In-Demand Copywriter in 2024


So, you’re curious if the almighty keyboard is still your ticket to the big leagues of digital fame and fortune? Spoiler alert: it is.

Imagine wielding the power to turn browsers into buyers with nothing but your wit and a well-placed pun. Whether it’s viral Tweets or emails that get more opens than a 24/7 convenience store, your words have the power to make wallets pop open and ‘Add to Cart’ buttons wear out.

And get this – in our world where infinite scrolls and fleeting attention are more common than ADHD, your catchy one-liners and stories are the new currency. In a world where every brand story is a #Trend, being the one who writes that story is pretty much like having a superpower.

So, if you’re all about crafting messages that stick or creating content that clicks, gear up. Copywriting isn’t just in demand; it’s your golden ticket to rocking a career that’s as fun as it is bankable.

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The copywriting landscape in 2024.

Is Copywriting in Demand in 2024?

In this age of digital transformation, where every click can be measured and every keyword can be optimized, copywriting has not just remained relevant; it has surged to become more pivotal than ever. The year 2024 witnesses copywriting standing tall, not just in demand, but in high demand, with businesses craving compelling copy that converts.

The landscape of copywriting has undergone a metamorphosis, with AI technologies infusing a new level of sophistication into the art. AI-powered tools are now the trusty sidekicks of content creators, providing data-driven insights and aiding in the rapid generation of draft content.

The only folks threatened by AI are bad copywriters. The lazy ones.

The real champions, the skilled copywriters with a knack for crafting persuasive copy, are irreplaceable. Their ability to weave SEO seamlessly into compelling narratives, to speak in a brand voice that resonates on a human level, and to tailor content to the full spectrum of digital marketing channels – from snappy social media posts to informative white papers – remains unrivaled.

Moreover, the debate between short-form and long-form continues to sizzle. Short-form copy, with its quick-hitting, attention-grabbing prowess, rules the roost in social media ads and landing pages. It’s the sharpshooter of the digital realm, designed to captivate and click.

On the other hand, long-form content, with its luxurious expanse, takes the crown in content marketing strategies aimed at providing value, building search engine optimization rank, and establishing thought leadership. This type of copywriting is where the skilled copywriter truly shines, combining writing skills with conversion strategy to produce high-quality content that engages and persuades.

As the digital world spins, copywriting jobs evolve, but one truth remains steadfast: good copywriting is not just about writing copy; it’s about understanding the pulse of the online marketing world, the ever-changing SEO copywriting landscape, and the psychological underpinnings that drive conversions.

So yes, copywriting careers are not just surviving; they’re thriving in 2024, with a voracious appetite for talent that can harness the power of words to stand out in a crowded market.

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2024’s copywriting trends to look out for.

Which Type of Copywriting Will See the Most Growth in 2024?

The world of copywriting is diversifying. As we progress through 2024, two distinct paths have emerged in the forest of content creation, each with its own set of fervent followers and unique growth trajectory: short-form and long-form copywriting.

Short-Form Copywriting

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to short-form copywriting. In a world where attention spans are measured in seconds, this type of copywriting is skyrocketing, particularly in social media posts and ad copy.

Brands are on a constant quest for that perfect tagline or tweet that can stop the scroll and engage the user. It’s the realm of the skilled copywriter who knows how to distill the essence of a message into a few impactful words. The power of short-form copywriting lies in its ability to generate immediate responses, making it a crucial tool for driving conversions and boosting social media engagement.

Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be a heavyweight in the digital ring. Despite prognostications of its decline, email marketing remains in high demand due to its impressive ROI and ability to nurture leads.

Email copywriting, therefore, is a craft seeing substantial growth. The ability to create personalized, engaging, and conversion-focused email content is a prized skill, ensuring that email copywriting jobs remain plentiful and profitable.

Automation in Website Copy

The proliferation of AI has made its mark on website copywriting through automation tools. These tools have reshaped the landscape, allowing for more personalized and targeted content at scale.

However, the heart of website copywriting remains in the human touch. You can take advantage of AI in copywriting in many ways, from releasing your own AI helper to offering AI content repair services.

Direct Mail Marketing

Surprisingly, in an age saturated with digital stimuli, direct mail marketing is making a comeback. There’s a resurgence in demand for direct response copywriting, as brands rediscover the value of tangible, physical marketing pieces that can stand out amidst the online noise. This type of copywriting calls for a blend of traditional persuasion techniques with modern insights into consumer behavior.

So, what’s the verdict for 2024? The landscape is varied, but the fertile ground for growth lies in the ability to adapt. The type of copywriting that will see the most growth is the one that can best capture and keep the fleeting attention of the audience.

The copywriters who will flourish are those who are not just content writers, but digital marketing strategists capable of leveraging every tool at their disposal.

Video Sales Letters

From podcasts to video landing pages, VSLs will always be a hit among professional copywriters, no matter how many years of experience you carry. Now that the world of advertising has become even more visual, with TikTok and YouTube ads acting has heavyweights in the industry, now’s the time to focus on your scriptwriting skills.

Accept client payments with ease, no matter what trend you hop on.

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Honing your skillset.


What’s the Best Way to Grow My Copywriting Skill Set?

You need a versatile and robust copywriting skill set to survive the industry. In 2024, the avenues for growth and learning in copywriting are as vast and varied as the type of copywriting itself.

Freelance Platforms

The gig economy continues to bloom, and platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are fertile grounds for budding freelance writers. Not only do they offer a plethora of opportunities to practice and perfect your craft across different industries, but they also serve as a real-time classroom.

Here, feedback is instant, client needs are diverse, and the lessons in writing compelling copy are abundant. These platforms are the forges where many a successful copywriter has been tempered and tested.

Copywriting Communities

Learning is social, and the thriving copywriting communities on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are testament to that. Joining these groups connects you with peers and mentors alike, where knowledge, job opportunities, and insights into the copywriting business are shared generously.

Masterclasses and Courses

The path to becoming a skilled copywriter is often paved with the wisdom of the experts. Enrolling in masterclasses and copywriting courses can catapult your understanding of the craft.

These structured learning paths demystify everything from the basics of grammar to the complexities of persuasive copy and SEO optimization, often culminating in a tangible improvement in your writing skills.

In-house vs. Freelance

Choosing between the stability of being an in-house copywriter and the freedom of freelance copywriting can be daunting. In-house positions offer a steady career path with the opportunity to deeply understand a single brand’s voice, while freelancing offers diversity and the potential for higher earnings. Regardless of the path chosen, the constant is growth – financial, professional, and personal.

Each of these paths is lined with opportunities to craft compelling copy, to learn the art of the call to action, and to ultimately refine your skill set. Whether you’re drafting product descriptions, crafting content for social media posts, or devising an entire digital marketing campaign, the key to growth in copywriting is continual learning and adaptation.

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Your successful copywriting career is here.

Here’s How You Can Make Six Figures in 2024

As we put a full stop to our exploration of copywriting in 2024, one thing is crystal clear: the craft of copywriting is as crucial as ever. In a digital era dominated by content, the art of writing copy that converts, engages, and resonates with the target audience is a skill in high demand.

Whether you’re honing your craft through online masterclasses, networking in vibrant copywriting communities, or diving headfirst into the freelance copywriting market, the opportunities for growth are boundless. Your journey may be full of challenges, but the rewards are just as great.

And for those ready to take their copywriting career to the next level, remember that the pen is mightier when it writes with purpose. So, if you’re looking to make a mark with your words and drive powerful online marketing campaigns, why not start by opening a high-risk merchant account?

Your copywriting career deserves a payment ecosystem that won’t shut you down overnight. Dive into the world of digital marketing and ecommerce with the confidence of a skilled copywriter, and watch as your words turn into conversions.

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