Red-Hot Tips for an Explosive Seduction Affiliate Program

Red-Hot Tips For An Explosive Seduction Affiliate Program (Pt. 2)


Welcome to the second half of our hot tips for launching and operating a successful seduction affiliate program. (You can read part one here.) These tips work regardless of the type of dating advice, seduction or pick-up artist (PUA) product you have. There’s no magical timeframe for how long it can take to make money, because every business is different. Nevertheless, here are the remaining red-hot tips to help take your seduction affiliate program to the next level.

The 80/20-rule: work smarter

First of all, when you run an affiliate program, follow the 80/20-rule. The rule is 20% of affiliates will generate 80% of the revenue in your program. Likewise, 80% of that revenue settling in your merchant account will likely come from 20% of your products that affiliates are promoting.

Pull weekly reports and review that date. Create three categories of performers: 1) your A-list affiliates, 2) those with moderate sales, and 3) those with only a few orders per month. Your time is valuable! Spend it communicating with your top earners. Monitor them over three to six months and compare month-to-month results. See which partners can be groomed to improve and sell more. Build those relationships.

That being said sometimes smaller affiliates fly under the radar and send a few sales to collect a small commission. Keep in mind they may be sending fraudulent orders in the hopes of going unnoticed. Be cautious, because over time too much of this activity could put your merchant account at higher risk of fraud rates.


Motivate BIG seduction affiliate program earners

Relationship building is one of the keys to a great seduction affiliate program! It’s essential to keep the lines of communication open with affiliates in your program. The benefits are you stay in tuned with their activities. If there are fluctuations (good or bad) in volume, you will know why.

In part one of this blog we advised hiring a super affiliate manager to be a go-to for affiliates. Granted, there are some affiliates who don’t care to be in contact. However, there are some that do. Your manager can chat with your affiliates and discuss how to strategically generate higher revenue. With affiliates, it’s all about the revenue. Help them help you!

Reporting and keeping track of affiliate performance is key for growth. Many networks have limited reporting capabilities in regards to refunds and chargebacks. Find a way to get this data. This is critical for a successful seduction affiliate program and merchant account.

Convert and maximize affiliates’ revenue potential

Not all seduction affiliate programs convert similarly. Therefore, knowing and understanding your data is key. Check your conversions rates and investigate if there’s any room for improvement.

Using your payment processors effectively can increase your conversions tremendously. For instance, investigate any high rates of declined transactions and ask your service provider for a list of reason codes. If the US is your target market, find a domestic solution. US debit cards do not convert well outside of domestic banks. Therefore, an offshore payment solution is better for credit transactions.

DirectPayNet can offer you more tips and help this type of analysis. We often find simple tricks you can implement quickly and painlessly. Strategic tweaks can help increase conversions at checkout!

Offer seduction affiliate program promos with caution

Affiliate promos involve increasing affiliate commissions based on performance for a specified period of time. It could be as short as a weekend offer (think Black Friday and Cyber Monday) or longer, like 30-day campaign.

Some merchants get extremely motivated to ramp up revenue by encouraging affiliates with an affiliate promotion. In theory, it seems like a great incentive for increasing traffic, and affiliate account sign-ups and subscriptions. In reality, it drives affiliates to refer sales to a fault. The traffic and sales may increase, but it could also invite unwanted affiliate or purchase fraud.

With this in mind, tread carefully! Only offer promos to existing affiliates, not new sign-ups! Delay affiliates’ payouts to monitor chargebacks and fraud over a longer period. Finally, get affiliates to roll out their links before the weekend, as most of them hardly make changes to ads after Friday.

NOTE: Want more tips on how to roll out an awesome affiliate promotion for your program? Keep returning to DirectPayNet’s blog in the weeks ahead for our post on this subject!

Stay innovative or die

Some merchants make the mistake of never updating their ads and other marketing tools in their seduction affiliate programs. Keep things innovative! Make fresh content and ads available regularly for affiliates. Everything from email creative to banner ads to pop-ups should be updated seasonally until your data analytics can determine the top-converting marketing tools. Continue using top display ads and dump or replace non-converting ones.

One of the biggest challenges for affiliates with content sites is, you guessed it, content! Almost all affiliates are part-timers with full-time jobs. Due to lack of time, they rely on sites like Fiverr and content mills for blog posts and articles. Communicate with affiliates and provide them with custom SEO-optimized content. They will be thankful! They will also be encouraged to promote even more, because of time and money saved.

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