Firearms Merchant Accounts — The Surefire Method for Securing Your Firearms Business

Gun sellers need reliable firearm credit card processing powered by payment processors who will support their business with every transaction.

DirectPayNet provides firearms merchants with a high-risk merchant account, with respect to the new Merchant Category Code for firearms, that empowers them to process payments effortlessly. Start running your guns business with full compliance.

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Firearm Merchant Account Features and Benefits

Access the latest payment technology as a gun seller with high-powered payment processing in your artillery. Our reliable, secure, compliant merchant accounts connect you with a payment processor dedicated to firearms merchants as well as a customizable payment gateway.

Find even more benefits of opening a firearm merchant account with us below:

Full Regulatory Compliance

Our merchant accounts are compliant with all relevant firearms regulations. We make sure that our accounts are up to date with the most recent regulations, so you can be sure that your business is in compliance. We also provide customer support and resources to help business owners understand and remain in compliance with all relevant firearms regulations.

Secure Payment Processing

We understand that security is paramount for firearm business owners. That’s why our high-risk merchant accounts are designed to provide secure payment processing. Our payment processing and security protocols help to ensure that all transactions are safe and secure, protecting your business and your customers from potential risks.

Reduced Chargebacks and Disputes

Our advanced fraud detection and prevention tools help minimize the risk of chargebacks and disputes, ultimately saving businesses time and money. With a firearms merchant account from DirectPayNet, you can keep your business and your customers safe from unauthorized transactions.

Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

Our merchant accounts support multiple payment gateways, providing convenience and flexibility for our clients. This way, you can offer your new and loyal customers the payment method they prefer, reducing friction at checkout and ensuring a positive customer experience.

Stop Shooting from the Hip and Secure Your Business with a Dedicated Firearms Merchant Account Today!

If you're a gun seller, you know that finding a merchant account can be difficult. Most banks and payment processors won't work with businesses that sell firearms. That's where DirectPayNet comes in.

We provide high-risk firearm merchant accounts to business owners wanting to sell firearms online and in-person. These accounts connect them with hassle-free, regulatory-compliant payment processing. With DirectPayNet, you can rest assured that you're getting the best service possible. Contact us now to open your new dedicated firearms merchant account.

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