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Profit From More Sales Orders For Your High-Risk Business

Need a merchant account, ACH processing, recurring billing capabilities, fraud prevention, or a bank account?

DirectPayNet offers more than just everyday payment solutions for high-risk businesses and industries. Our team goes above and beyond to negotiate the best services for your business model to ensure you maximize your conversions.

We provide solutions from the US, Europe, Canada and several offshore jurisdictions.

Adult Merchant Accounts

Conservative attitudes and government regulations in response to the adult entertainment industry often have an impact on banking services. Thankfully DirectPayNet founder Maria Sparagis comes prepared as a former executive at Mansef, Inc. (now MindGeek). She has over 10 successful years of consulting experience with some of the world’s largest online adult entertainment conglomerates.

Maria is a leading authority on navigating credit card processing demands specific to tube sites, live cams, sex dolls, toy stores and other adult-themed websites. Likewise, she has a persistent team trained to manage merchant account services for medium to large-sized high-risk companies in the adult category on a global scale.

Contact DirectPayNet to assist with credit card acquiring for your adult merchant account today.

Business Opportunity Merchant Accounts (Biz-Op)

Online business opportunities are a multimillion-dollar industry. But, they also bear a notorious reputation for fraud. Legitimate biz-op or franchise owners require a support team proficient in high-ticket products and monthly volume.

Whether your specialty is in real estate, investments or online marketing, DirectPayNet will be your partner. We will lead you during the application process and help you adhere to compliance, manage negative media and locate flexible payment solutions.

DirectPayNet values the long-term relationships with our acquiring banks and ACH providers. Consequently, this has positioned us to secure robust payment solutions for biz-op marketers and operators. If you are struggling to find ACH processing or a merchant account for your online business opportunity, contact us today.

Coaching Merchant Accounts

Entrepreneurs that specialize in online coaching are a core concentration of DirectPayNet. Our talented team is adept at payment processing management for certified personal trainers, psychologists, hypnotherapists, financial advisors and any online personal development specialist.

Through our in-depth experience, our team will do more than merely get you merchant account approval. We will negotiate terms for recurring billing features, multiple payment options, high upsell ticket prices and specific advice to reduce your decline and fraud rates.

Begin your coaching merchant account application process. Email or call our team today.

Forex Merchant Accounts

We are keen to work with regulated foreign exchange (forex) brokers. Our team can assist in navigating the complexities of payment processing for your high-risk forex business. If you have a need for this type of processing (particularly in Europe), DirectPayNet will be happy to discuss this further.

DirectPayNet can assist you in preparing your website for compliance and assist in navigating regulations in the jurisdictions you wish to operate in. Give us a call or email us for more details on your current operation.

Dating Merchant Accounts

Dating, matchmaking and seduction merchants desire unique payment processing solutions to support an unpredictable industry. DirectPayNet is uniquely positioned to procure your next domestic or offshore merchant account, because of our critical knowledge of risk and recurring billing. The banks with which we partner offer flexibility to our clients including one-time and continuity payment models.

DirectPayNet is well versed in increasing transaction approval ratios, lowering chargebacks and mitigating fraud. We will help you rebound from high fraud rates or bank termination. Do not hesitate to contact us for tailored dating merchant account solutions.

Digital Product Merchant Accounts

Elite instructors, pick-up artists in the seduction community and coaches have all come to DirectPayNet for their payment solution needs. We have also established strong, long-term relationships with business academies and e-learning entrepreneurs.

DirectPayNet does the hard work to secure stable ACH processing and merchant account solutions for digital product creators. Spend the majority of your time concentrating on marketing to consumers online, not managing fraud, chargebacks and declined transactions.

Are you ready to take your info product to the next level? Talk to DirectPayNet about how we can properly equip your business with long-term payment processing solutions. Contact us today.

e-Cigarette Merchant Accounts

The fate of e-cigarettes, smoking pipes, vaporizers and other tobacco accessories is a contentious subject. As this business segment undoubtedly continues to undergo regulatory measures, payment processors are also adapting.

Our role as merchant advocates affords DirectPayNet the opportunity to stay up to date on policy. We also stay abreast of compliance demands keenly attuned to the banking industry whether you are in the US, Europe or elsewhere around the globe. DirectPayNet would be happy to obtain a merchant account or ACH solution for your online vape store. We advise all prospective clients through the compliance process to ensure business operations result in less headaches and more success.

Should you require our help to launch an e-cigarette merchant account application and support to thrive in domestic or offshore markets, contact us. DirectPayNet is eager to adequately understand your e-cigarette operations and staunchly support your growth.

High-Ticket Merchant Accounts

Selling an ultra-expensive piece of rare memorabilia for $15,000, high-end designer accessories, or three prime spots to a big-ticket business conference? A high-ticket sales funnel needs robust payment solutions to promptly accept orders that neither PayPal nor Square will handle long-term.

DirectPayNet specializes in finding the right payment solution that offers support for flexible high-ticket merchant accounts and ACH processing. Our banking partners welcome legitimate businesses with three to six months of processing history and responsible financial management.

Should you require services to obtain ACH or a high-ticket merchant account, contact us so we can help you.

Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts

Skin care lotions, nutritional supplements, herbal nootropics, oral homeopathic treatments and many other products represent a wealth of opportunity in the billion-dollar nutraceutical industry.

DirectPayNet has established an impressive reputation for delivering high-risk nutraceutical merchant account solutions in this commercial industry. We are experts at helping merchants adopt a holistic approach to their payment processing. The result is successful online nutraceutical operations with high- quality standards and performance.

We aim to efficiently solve your nutraceutical merchant account challenges whether you allow one-time sales or offer monthly continuity memberships. Contact us to launch your application with our banking partners.

Subscription Merchant Accounts

Not one subscription business model is the same; DirectPayNet is acutely aware of the varied payment needs of each business with a recurring billing structure. Some of our international clients have ranged from digital subscription merchants to those with tangible shipments that must be delivered on a regular schedule to the right recipient.

DirectPayNet has thorough experience guiding subscription merchants in the US, Europe and Canada. If you want to successfully transition from excessive chargebacks to high sales volume with reduced risk, contact us.

Do not let the challenges of continuity and subscription merchant accounts ruin your reputation. Contact DirectPayNet to start witnessing valuable long-term results.

Vacation Rental Merchant Accounts

Since the arrival of AirBnB, the popularity of vacation or property rental business models has increased tremendously. With it typically comes the label of high risk payment processing.

Booking refunds, rental chargebacks, high-ticket sizes, future fulfillment, local taxes and domestic policy implications all affect how acquiring banks regard this vertical. Thankfully, DirectPayNet is totally familiar with this expanding industry.

Our company is no stranger to the unique payment solutions necessary to support both domestic and offshore property rental merchant accounts. DirectPayNet is a qualified expert at properly controlling the chaos. Talk with us today for a consultation or to launch your payment processing setup

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