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Focus on your business and let us take care of your payment processing

With experts in several industries and decades of experience in the merchant service and transaction industry, DirectPayNet is highly qualified to propel your business to the next level.

Easily accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, Solo/Switch as well as Interac, European debit solutions and ACH (checking)
Let us do a free price analysis to show you how DirectPayNet can save you money over your current payment processing solution
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DirectPayNet offers a comprehensive suite of credit/debit card payment and ACH/check solutions in cooperation with several major worldwide banks. DirectPayNet credit/debit card services accept a multitude of currencies, offer very competitive rates and can be deployed worldwide.

High Risk Merchant Accounts

Has your merchant account application been declined? Is your company considered “high risk” and you want to know how to best set up your payments? Our experts know how to help customize the best payment processing solution for your business.

Risk Management

Are chargebacks, refunds or declines eating up your profits and precious ad dollars? We add tools and affiliate practices that help efficiently manage your risk, while ensuring you maximize conversions. We understand how difficult it is to convert a lead, and don't want you to lose a sale. Managing risk will ensure you keep your accounts healthy so you can continue to scale.

International Merchant Accounts

Growing in new markets or looking to diversify? Getting a merchant account outside the U.S. can help you add several payment modes that will increase your conversions. With constantly changing regulations, you can rest easy knowing that you have multiple solutions that will ensure there are no bottlenecks in your business.

Other consulting services include:
  • Crafting a payment strategy for any worldwide market
  • Compliance standards for your website
  • Risk management: How to control and minimize charge backs and refunds
  • Fraud detection: Choosing a gateway that can help minimize fraud

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