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Supplement Bundles Will Save Your Failing Sales, Here’s How


If you sell supplements, then you know that optimizing sales, upsells, and cross-sells is essential to success. One of the best ways to do this is by creating irresistible bundles.

By bundling complementary products together, you can offer your customers more value and increase the chances of making a sale. Plus, when done right, supplement bundles can be a great way to boost your margins.

In this post, we’ll show you how to create winning supplement bundles that will save your business.

This is why your supplement sales are crashing in Q1.

Supplement sales tend to slow down during the first quarter of the year, as consumers opt for quick health fixes over long-term commitment. A big contributor to this is inconsistent usage – people get a burst of motivation to eat healthier, but then find it difficult to maintain that impetus after a few weeks.

Bundling supplements can help tackle this issue – by creating irresistible offers at discounted prices, merchants are able to draw in customers who are looking for a solution that will help them see real and lasting results in their health.

In this way, supplement sales can be optimized over time, even in Q1. The beginning of the new year always brings out the best intentions in people, usually health-wise. But that goal never fails to crash when people don’t see results immediately.

To combat this effect and keep customers in for the long haul, offer bundles that will carry them through the first couple of months. Once that stockpile of supplements ends, they’ll be seeing physical results and buy more.

Why creating supplement bundles can fix those slowing sales.

If you’re looking to give your supplement sales a much-needed boost, bundling them together is a great way to go. Not only does it make the process easier for customers by providing one comprehensive package instead of individual items, but it also incentivizes shoppers to upgrade their purchase with increased value.

Supplement bundles can create irresistible offers that give customers the best bargain possible – plus, because many supplement retailers offer discounts with bulk purchases, you get more bang for your buck by stocking up on pre-packaged bundles.

The advantages of supplement bundles are plentiful and can be the perfect fix for those slowly diminishing sales.

How to create irresistible supplement bundles

Creating irresistible supplement bundles is a surefire way to increase sales and draw attention. Combining different supplements in a bundle is an effective way to upsell or cross-sell, and you can also tap into benefits that customers may not have been aware of before.

Before concocting your own bundles, look at what competitors are doing to help inspire your creations. Keep in mind the needs of your customer base when crafting bundles, and make sure you emphasize the advantages of the bundle versus the individual items.

Remember, each supplement bundled should be included for a reason, so use it as an opportunity to give customers something unique that speaks to their needs.

With irresistible bundles and strategic marketing, the sky’s the limit for boosting your bottom line.

Bundling Complementary Supplements

Creating supplement bundles is a great way to optimize sales and provide customers with more value. By bundling complementary products together, merchants can offer their customers a deal that will help them see real and lasting results in their health.

For example, omega-3 supplements can complement a multivitamin or probiotic supplement to provide customers with an all-encompassing package that tackles multiple health issues.

Or you can bundle a pre-workout energy booster with a post-workout protein powder. These two go hand-in-hand, and you can market it as the ultimate combination to gain muscle mass.

The key is to choose the right combinations and make sure your bundles are attractive enough for customers to purchase them instead of individual items. Usually, that’s done by providing a slight discount.

Bundling Items in Bulk

Seeing results takes time, but humans are impatient. So selling a one-month bottle of weight loss pills is probably not going to turn that customer into a life-long subscriber. It’s not because the pills don’t work as intended, it’s solely because that customer didn’t see results right away and you’ve limited them to just one month.

The solution? Sell them 3 months’ worth of weight loss supplements. Or even 6! In that time, they’ll go through the highs and lows and be back at your storefront ready to buy more.

The benefits of creating supplement bundles

Supplement bundles are one of the most effective and efficient ways to both increase sales and provide customers with a special, value-packed shopping experience.

  1. Easier shopping experience for customers with one comprehensive package instead of individual items. When you give the customer one bundle with everything they need, no questions, instead of forcing them to select individual items, the stress of shopping is alleviated.
  2. Increased value and incentive to upgrade purchases. When customers understand the value of the bundle versus the individual product they’ve selected, they’re more likely to purchase it.
  3. Ability to tap into benefits that customers may not have been aware of before. Customers aren’t experts. If you feed them the right information that they can use to meet their goals, they’ll be more willing to accept the upgrade.
  4. Optimized sales. Simple as that; sales are more often and bigger.
  5. Strategic marketing opportunities. Bundles provide you with more fuel for marketing, so you can get more creative and targeted with your ads and promotions.
  6. Ability to offer attractive discounts when selling in bulk. People love a good discount. Why not offer them more for less?
  7. Life-long subscriber potential through long-term purchases. Turn your one-time purchase customers into life-long subscribers once they see the benefits of your supplements.

What supplements sell best in Q1

The first quarter of the year, or Q1, is an ideal time to capitalize on the energy and momentum that comes alongside new resolutions and goals. Many individuals are turning to supplementation in order to support and aid their newfound wellness ventures, making it a great time for supplement merchants to double down on their marketing efforts.

In fact, research has found that bundle deals tend to be particularly attractive during the first quarter due to people’s heightened enthusiasm for making positive changes and experiencing a sense of starting fresh. Bundle deals involving:

  • daily multivitamins
  • weight loss pills
  • protein powders
  • collagen/anti-aging supplements

are some of the most popular items to sell at this time. Weight loss and protein because people are in the mood to get their summer bodies started, and vitamins and skincare because people want to look as young as possible.

Stronger, Faster-Acting, and Longer-Lasting Sales Don’t Have to Be a Dream…

By bundling supplements together, you can increase the average order value and improve customer satisfaction. You’ll be able to move more inventory and grow your business while giving your customers what they want.

It takes customer data and some trial-and-error efforts to find the winning bundles for your business. But once you do find what works, it’s smooth sailing for the year ahead.

As a supplements seller, you run a high-risk business (whether you know it or not). If you’re already feeling held back by slow sales and a lackluster January, don’t further the decline a poor payment processor.

Get in touch with DirectPayNet to open a real supplements merchant account and take one worry off your shoulders so you can scale higher and faster.

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