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How to Leverage CBD as a Pain Relief Solution for Senior Citizens


CBD is a hot topic these days, and for good reason. This natural remedy has been shown to be effective for pain relief, anxiety, and even some chronic conditions.

CBD has grown out of its teenage years. Not even a decade ago, it was seen as a legal way to use weed and only sold to millennials and gen z—i.e., those who were young and willing to take the risk.

All that’s changed now and CBD is one of the most popular supplements to sell (legally, of course). It’s no longer financially sufficient to market CBD oils to those groups. So how can you make CBD supplements lucrative again? Older generations.

As our population ages, more and more people are looking for ways to manage their pain without resorting to prescription medication. CBD offers a safe and natural alternative that can provide relief from pain, inflammation, and other age-related issues.

In this post, we’ll show you how to leverage CBD oil for pain relief to senior citizens.

The current market for CBD is focused on younger people, but there is a huge opportunity to sell CBD as a pain relief solution to senior citizens.

As the demand for products to aid in pain management and relaxation grows, cannabidiol (CBD) has become an increasingly popular option among younger age groups looking for the effects of smoking weed without actually smoking.

However, the impact of this revolutionary solution is far too underutilized—an amazing opportunity awaits any business that opens its doors to the growing senior population invested in improving their quality of life through natural means.

Selling CBD as a natural pain relief to seniors provides a fantastic avenue to reach out to a larger demographic and maximize your return on investment. With its wide-ranging benefits from stress relief to improved sleep quality, it’s no surprise that a large portion of senior citizens is looking for sophisticated solutions like CBD to provide easy access to healthcare improvements without relying on potentially harmful drug cocktails.

Not only can businesses take advantage of this huge market, but also greatly contribute towards bettering the lives of countless elderly individuals.

Older age demographics are more likely to suffer from chronic pain, making them an ideal target market for CBD products.

With the rise of CBD as a natural dietary supplement, many consumers are starting to hold higher expectations for their quality of life and health. For older individuals who are more likely to suffer from chronic pain, CBD products can make all the difference when it comes to providing much-needed relief and comfort.

This older age demographic is making strides in recognizing the effectiveness of CBD products in managing their pain and discomfort. With the right approach, CBD products can offer them a better lifestyle with reduced reliance on pharmaceuticals.

Here are some highlights of CBD you can use in your marketing to seniors:

  1. Relief from pain and inflammation
  2. Improved sleep quality
  3. Stress and anxiety relief
  4. Epilepsy
  5. Increased energy levels
  6. Improved mental clarity
  7. Boosted immune system response
  8. Reduced nausea and vomiting associated with certain medical treatments
  9. Alleviated symptoms of depression or other mood disorders
  10. Better appetite control

You can even get into specific types of pain, if you want to really narrow it down.

To market CBD to seniors, focus on its natural pain-relieving properties and how it can help them live a more active and pain-free life.

For seniors, CBD can be a natural and effective way to relieve chronic pain with minimal risk to overall wellness. By marketing CBD to seniors, the focus should be on its natural pain-relieving properties, helping them live a more active and healthy lifestyle free from physical restrictions due to joint or muscle pain.

By bringing attention to the potential health benefits of CBD for those in the older age demographic, it can be an appealing alternative for seniors who are looking for a safe and natural way to manage the pains that stem from aging.

It’s an unfortunate truth that as we age, our bodies just don’t function as well as they used to. A lot of the time, that includes chronic pain. Things like arthritis pain, joint pain, back pain, or neck pain. It’s all just a sign of aging. But CBD can help fix that.

Ultimately, this could open up a new opportunity for companies to introduce CBD products that cater specifically to the needs of elderly individuals and cater toward these potential new customers.

Be sure to use clear and concise language when marketing CBD to seniors, as they may not be familiar with the product, its terminology, or its legality.

When it comes to marketing CBD to seniors, there remains much confusion and hesitation due to a lack of knowledge.

The language used to describe CBD products must be navigated carefully so that seniors can feel informed and at ease while making decisions (which should lead to a purchase).

It is important to speak in clear and concise terms that are suitable for any level of understanding. Care should be taken to define each term associated with CBD, as well as explain a brief overview of its legality and usage. Seniors should feel safe and secure when deciding whether or not CBD is the right product for them.

What we all want is to know:

  • How the product works
  • What are the consequences
  • Who else is using it

In terms of legality, providing the details of where the CBD you use comes from helps. For example, your product should never have psychoactive effects as there is no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) since the CBD you use doesn’t come from cannabis plants but hemp.

There is a strong association between CBD, THC, and weed. You should aim to break those connections while providing information from sources like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Also be open to providing a list of potential side effects. It’s illegal not to include one, but you can use it to your benefit. Think about this: if you provide a list of potential side effects, highlighting first the least troublesome, consumers will have a harder time coming up with their own downsides to your product.

There are a variety of ways to consume CBD, so be sure to offer seniors a variety of options (e.g., tinctures, capsules, topicals).

As CBD products continue to gain traction for providing effective pain relief, it’s important to differentiate your product offerings.

Offering seniors a variety of delivery methods is crucial in setting them up with a solution that works best for their lifestyle and needs. From tinctures and capsules to topicals, it’s worth exploring all the options available so that you can better serve this population and help make their lives more comfortable. You might be surprised at what type of CBD product sells over others.

  • Tinctures
  • Capsules
  • Topical CBD (e.g. CBD cream or lotion)
  • Edibles (e.g. CBD gummies)
  • Vaporizers
  • Transdermal Patches

No matter which type of product(s) you decide to sell, the quality of your products should match the quality of life consumers expect after taking it. High-quality CBD means a high-quality product means high quality of life. Using active ingredients like full-spectrum CBD will help sell it as a higher quality product.

You could also sell a line of CBD products that range in quality, each focusing on specific health conditions. Maybe your highest quality product with broad-spectrum CBD covers everything under the sun while your lowest is meant to have light pain-relieving effects only by using a smaller dose in mg of CBD or CBD isolates.

Consider using CBD from non-GMO hemp to target the subgroup of those who only want that most natural of products. Or adding in some essential oils like peppermint to give it a nice menthol flavor.

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Despite the current market for CBD products being focused on younger people, there is a huge opportunity to sell CBD as a pain relief solution to senior citizens. Older age demographics are more likely to suffer from chronic pain, making them an ideal target market for CBD products.

While CBD products are sold OTC (over-the-counter) these days, that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear to sell them however and wherever you want online.

In short, the biggest caveat to selling CBD isn’t how to market it, it’s your payment processor. Not all payment processors are the same. Using the wrong one for your CBD business will surely result in you getting on the MATCH list and your funds being frozen.

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