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Top Mystics Reveal Their Secrets for Handling Customer Questions in a Psychic Reading


For centuries, psychics have been consulted to answer life’s most important questions. From lost dogs to lottery numbers, psychic reading services have been called upon at all hours of the day and night for advice about what will happen next.

But now that we live in an age of technology, it’s easier than ever for people to find answers to their questions through Google searches or even those pushy ads from your phone. However, there are still many truths out there that can only be accessed with the help of a real psychic—someone who has studied for years in order to understand how energy works and how best to interpret its messages.

From contacting departed loved ones to daily guidance, psychics have been consulted to answer life’s most important questions since time immemorial.

As we all know, phone psychic readings and online psychic readers have been around for a long time. Many of us may have consulted one ourselves at some point in our lives—maybe you were seeking answers about your love interest or wanted to find out the winning lottery numbers. These fortune tellers have been around since time immemorial and offer insight into what lies ahead by pulling out their crystal ball, tarot cards, or seance and giving customers a reading.

However, not everyone believes in the power of psychics. Psychics have been around for a long time, but there are still many misconceptions about them. In this article we will explore some of those common myths and misconceptions about psychic reading sessions, who they are and what they do.

Create an immersive experience that leaves viewers with more questions than answers.

By creating an immersive experience that leaves viewers with more questions than answers, you’ll be able to keep them coming back for more.

This is a great way to increase your brand’s reach and influence while driving traffic to your website. You can do this by providing a sense of mystery that makes people want to know more, making them come back for more, and making them want to tell their friends about the content.

An immersive experience applies to all accurate psychic reading from any type of psychic:

  • Love readings for those looking to find their soulmate or improve love life
  • Clairvoyant readings for psychic predictions about forecasting the future
  • Spiritual readings for those looking for connection
  • Dream analysis for insight into dream interpretations and meaning
  • Palm readings to discover personality traits
  • Tarot readers in which tarot card readings reveal information about their past life, present, and future life readings
  • Numerology to find meaning between recurring numbers and events
  • Horoscope astrology readings, usually popular among love psychics
  • Fortune telling for when customers need a bit of good luck

By understanding where a question is coming from and the context of your past and present, you can clearly define the path ahead of you.

By understanding where a question is coming from and the context of your past and present, you can clearly define the path ahead of you.

In the same way that gifted psychics are trained to see the future, they are also trained to understand the past. They know how to look at everything from all sides, in order to get a clear picture on what’s happening now as well as what will be happening in the future.

The skill comes with years of experience as a professional psychic, but the confidence your seeker needs doesn’t. What we mean is whether you’re a phone chat psychic or perform video readings, new customers only need to feel the confidence you exude to trust in your power.

You can find insight within yourself to answer customer questions.

“It’s not a parlor trick,” says Kasamba psychic medium and award-winning author. “It’s a way of connecting to the universe, finding answers, and finding peace.”

Her advice for handling customer questions? “[Look] within yourself.”

Live psychics often find themselves lacking in knowledge about technical topics—but they don’t always have to. They can tap into their intuition to discover what their customers are keen to receive from them as well as how best to deliver it. It’s about the real-time connection between you and the customer more than anything.

Aim to see your customers leave happy and fulfilled.

Aiming for this is the key to any successful business, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar store or a psychic reading website. A customer’s happiness is your success. If you want to be a good psychic, it’s vital that you aim to connect with your customer on an emotional level.

This isn’t just about being nice, though. It’s also about being real and authentic. Customers can tell when you’re not being genuine, even if they don’t know exactly why. And it doesn’t matter if you’re meeting in person, on a phone call, or via video call. So be yourself—and if it means that you have to turn down some people because they aren’t what you’re looking for in a client, then so be it.

Connecting can be done by asking questions like, “how do you feel about this?” or “what would make you happy?” The more in touch with your customer’s feelings, the better. In addition to this, it’s important to connect them with their own intuition so that they can guide themselves through difficult times.

Access your customer’s body’s energy is the key to finding the answers they’re looking for in life.

“This is the key to finding the answers that you are looking for in life,” says psychic Maria. “We know that when we connect with our clients’ energy, it helps us to see into their past and future. If they want to find lost items or people, we can use our energy powers to locate these things or people. We can also help animals who are missing from home come back where they belong!”

Psychics use their own personal energy as well as their client’s energies to help them find solutions in life.

For another top psychic, keeping a calm state of mind is critical in order to connect with energy.

“In my experience,” she said, “the more you worry about how you will answer the question or what you are going to say and do, the less likely you are to access higher awareness.”

“When people call me for advice I tell them things about their lives that only they would know—but also things that could never be found out by anyone else.” That means staying focused on your client’s question and not worrying about anything else.

This is a great tip when offering free psychic readings online. It tells the customer how in tune you are, which makes them want to come back for more.

Customers can find real answers without calling all the fake psychics out there.

“Don’t expect us to be 100% accurate.” Psychics won’t give you an exact date; they won’t tell you exactly what will happen next week; and if they say something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There are no guarantees with this field of work—but that doesn’t mean it should discourage anyone from seeking guidance from the right psychic nor use the information they receive to better their lives in some way.

“We don’t replace therapy.” One thing psychics learn over time is that people come back again and again because they hear them out when no one else does. Their job isn’t simply telling people what they need; their job is giving them hope when they feel hopeless and strength when they’re weak.

This might sound like therapy, but there are key differences between how therapists operate versus how mystics operate. While therapists may encourage patients toward personal growth by helping them understand themselves better through reflection upon past experiences or current situations within their lives (such as relationships), mystics do not require clients come up with solutions themselves—instead offering advice based on decades of experience working with seekers who want answers right now rather than tomorrow morning.

How’s your e-psychic business going?

You will find that customers, whether first-time or recurring, who come to you for a consultation will be more than willing to share their problems and concerns with you. All you need is the ability to listen carefully and respond with empathy. This can go a long way in helping your clients feel comfortable talking about their issues with someone they trust, who understands exactly what it takes to feel better again.

In turn, you’ll become one of the best psychic reading sites available (beyond online psychic reading platforms like MysticSense and AskNow), no matter what type of reading you offer.

Try out the techniques above. We also encourage you to streamline your payment gateway and payment experience for customers. It may not seem to be an insightful part of your business, but in fact it speaks to how secure a customer feels booking a reading from you.

Speak with us today and get your payment backend set up for success so you can receive more customer, perform more readings, and grow your business.

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